The École d’été de français accepts bursary students from the Explore program* as well as non-bursary students (canadian and foreign).

* You can only apply for the Explore program’s bursary if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If you are an international student, we recommend you to verify if your university offers financial aid for people who wish to study abroad.


In order to participate in the program, a student must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to present copies of:
    – If Canadian born in Canada: Canadian birth certificate*
    – If Canadian or permanent resident born outside of Canada: Citizenship card/certificate OR permanent resident card + birth certificate OR passport*
    – If international student: birth certificate + passport + visa (only in some cases)
  • Pay the $275 registration fees (also applicable to Explore students)
  • Pay the program’s cost (if non-bursary)

*Please note that for Québec’s universities, the passport alone is not enough to proof citizenship. If you want to participate in the program but do not have all of the documents we require, please contact us.

Explore bursaries

If you have received a bursary from Explore, we will communicate with you to inform you about the following steps to confirm your participation in the program. Follow us on Facebook to know if we have already communicated with bursaries.

If you received a bursary, but have not received either an email or a call from us, please contact us.


Our program works as a package that includes the classes, the books, the lodging, the meals and most of the activities.

If you work for a school, university or business and are looking for an immersion program to send your students/employees to, please contact us, as we may be able to customize our program to your needs.

All students are responsible for their transportation and travel expenses.

Bursary students (Explore program)

Students who receive a bursary from the Explore program must pay the $275 registration fees* before the deadline sent by email after attribution of the bursary. The rest of the program’s cost is covered by the bursary, which is given directly to the university.

* This amount is requested by all the institutions that host students from the Explore program.


Non-bursary students

Non-bursary students must first pay the $275 registration fees in order to start the registration process.
The program’s cost must be paid in full at least 30 days before the start date of the program.

Program’s cost

Depending on the formula you choose or have access to, the cost of the program varies.

  • Exchange student (program with university credits)

    If you are enrolled in a university that has an agreement with Université de Sherbrooke, you may be able to request your university for a student mobility.

    As an exchange student, courses are covered since you continue paying tuition at your home institution (and the credits you will receive from us would be transferred to your program).

    The cost for the rest of the program (lodging, meals and activities) is $2200.


    What’s not included

    – $275 Registration Fee

    – Transportation

    – Students in our program with university credits that are not covered by the canadian public health care system are obliged to subscribe to the health insurance provided by the university (about $180 for 2 months), even if they already have another insurance

    – Personal expenses


  • Individual adult (program without university credits*)

    If you are not enrolled in a university, you can still register to our program.

    The cost for the program is $2700.


    What’s not included

    – $275 Registration Fee

    – Transportation

    – International students in our program without university credits do not have access to the health insurance provided by the university. They have however to provide us with proof of cover from a travel health insurance (minimum coverage of $150 000).

    – Personal expenses


    * Adults that would like to register to our program with university credits can also do so:

    Canadians citizens and permanent residents pay around $1300 in tuition fees + $2200 for lodging, meals and activities.

    International students pay around $7100 in tuition fees + $2200 for lodging, meals and activities.



    Are you a Canadian student?

    Check if you can apply for an Explore bursary!


    Are you a student from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)?

    Check if you can apply for our UANL exclusive bursaries!


    Are you an exchange student?

    Besides being exempted from paying tuition at Université de Sherbrooke, you may also be able to benefit from the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) to cover your living expenses.


    We are not aware of other financial options than those presented here. We invite you, however, to check the financial aid possibilities your government may offer.

How to apply

If you are eligible to the Explore bursay program, you have to apply through Explore directly. Applications are usually accepted between October and February.

Did you know that you can apply to Explore as many times as you want to?

Apply to Explore!

If you want to apply to the École d’été de français as a non-bursary student, you have to contact us so we can give you access to our online platform, which will allow you to complete the registration process entirely online.

There is no specific deadline to apply, as long as we have places available.

Contact us to apply as a non-bursary student!