The Université de Sherbrooke

The Université de Sherbrooke is a French speaking higher-education institution that hosts 40,000 students each year, from 120 countries worldwide.

The École d’été de français is offered by Université de Sherbrooke’s Centre de langues and takes place at the Main Campus of the University, in the city of Sherbrooke*.

The UdeS, as locals call it, is located in the southern part of Québec (Canada), 140 km from Montréal, 220 km from Québec City and about 50 km from the United States’ border.

Sherbrooke is a very resourceful and active city and also has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. The University itself is even nestled on Mount Bellevue, so you will have many chances to take a break and hike the mount!

* Please note that while USherbrooke has a campus near Montréal (called “Campus de Longueuil”), the Main Campus is located in the city of Sherbrooke, about 140 km from Montréal.

Student life

Student life at the University is strong, and about a hundred student associations and groups ensure its variety.

Some of the more active are the Club Plein Air Altitude (UdeS’ outdoor club; besides the activities they organize, they also rent material for an almost symbolic cost!), the AGLEBUS (Association for sexual and gender diversity), the AIEUS (Intercultural Students Association), the CFAK (University radio), Le Collectif journal and the LUIS (University League of Improvisation).

Check the full list of student associations*

More info about outdoor rental equipment*

* Information only available in French.

Campus' services and facilities

ÉÉF students benefit from most of the student services and facilities offered to regular students.

Free services and facilities

>> Free bus service all over Sherbrooke!

>> Wireless internet (all over campus; limited in the residences).

>> Three faculty computer labs opened from 7 am to 11 pm, two of which are exclusive for ÉÉF students until 5 pm.

>> The Carrefour de l’information (which features a big computer lab and the Agora, a space for knowledge sharing through conferences, symposiums, debates and others).

More about the Carrefour de l’information*

>> Many study rooms (at the libraries)

More about the study rooms*

>> 5 libraries and 3 specialized centers

More about the libraries and centers*

>> Rental of bicycles, padlocks, luggage-racks and helmets (by reservation and for a maximum period of 24 hours)

More about free bike rentals*

Optional services and facilities (extra cost)

The Université de Sherbrooke offers access to many other services and facilities on campus, at an extra cost.

>> The Sports Centre membership (about $50), which grants access to the reservation of different gyms (soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton, squash, racket-ball, etc.), the 50 metres double swimming pool and the running tracks.

More info about the Sports Centre*

>> The weight-training gym (about $30 extra, once the student is a member of the Sports Centre).

More info about the gym*

>> Different classes and activities at the Sports Centre.

More info about Sports Centre’s classes and activities*

>> Parking (about $65 for the 5 weeks of the program).

More info about Parking services*

>> And remember the rental of outdoor equipment offered by the Club Plein Air Altitude!

More info about outdoor rental equipment*

Other services on campus are also available, like a hairdresser, a convenience store, a bookstore, ATMs… and a lot more!

* Information only available in French.